New kitchen equipment

by thebaking

I like simple kitchen equipment.

But I also like items that – in addition to being simple, high-quality, and easy-to use – have multiple functions.

This is a recent addition to my kitchen:


It’s called the Griddler.

I bought this nearly two months ago. And I’ve used it several times per week since – including the time I made cinnamon-swirl French toast.

It was a little bit expensive: I held off and did a lot of research before buying. But, so far, I’m glad that I invested in this appliance.

Though I believe it’s possible that I may have annoyed people with enthusiastic raving about the appliance at recent get-togethers and parties.


What I like about this appliance is that it – as described on the website of a local store – has five functions in one device.

The cooking surface plates can be removed for easy cleaning. And you can buy separate plates for waffles – which adds another function AND lets you make waffles. Check out the waffle plates.

This appliance doesn’t take up much counter space either.

All win, in my opinion.