Cookies in cookies

by thebaking

Yes, this post is about cookies baked into cookies.

Like these cookies, with Oreos on the inside, salted chunky peanut butter and chocolate chip dough on the outside, and waffle-shape pretzels on top:


Or these cookies:


These particular cookies had double-stuff Fudgee-Os inside. The cookie dough on the outside was salted chunky peanut butter. The cookies didn’t survive long enough around a hungry Canadian Thankgiving weekend crowd for any cross-section pictures to be taken.

Here they are in a different shot:


These delicious monstrosities also happened:


The cookies in the photo above consisted of two Oreos, held together by a layer of salted peanut butter and chocolate chip fondant, and wrapped in a vanilla and chocolate chip dough. Only four of these cookies were ever made. And I baked them in heavy-duty muffin cups so that the dough wouldn’t spread everywhere.

Check out the pirate muffin paper.

I gave three of those cookies away; I ate the one cookie I kept over several sittings.

Baking cookies into cookies is actually really easy.

You can use the cookie dough of your choice with either other cookies that you have made or cookies – such as Oreos or Fudgee-Os – that you’ve bought.

My basic cookie recipe works pretty well, from my experience. If I want to use peanut butter, I use slightly less oil. And one or two giant spoonfuls of peanut butter usually does the job. Though you may prefer more or less.

You can also use whatever variety of chocolate chips, flavour extract, cocoa powder, nuts, and so on, that you’d like. You could even try almond butter, cashew butter, or something of the like instead of peanut butter. I’ve made almond butter cookies before – and they turned out well.

If you want to put two cookies inside a cookie, you can put a bit of cookie dough between the two cookies, or a bit of fondant, or a piece of chocolate, or pretty much anything that is edible and would be OK to go in the oven.

You can also use the pre-made cookie dough that’s sold in tubes at the grocery store. If you choose to do that, follow the baking time directions on the package.

When the dough is ready, break off pieces slightly larger than a golf ball.  You’ll probably need a bit more or a bit less depending on the size of the cookies you’re using on the inside of the cookies.

Flatten the pieces of dough in your hands, Then gently wrap and shape them around the cookies that you’re using on the inside, until the inside cookies are completely and evenly covered in the outside cookie dough.

If you’re adding a decoration – such as pretzels – that can go in the oven, gently press the decoration onto thee surface of each cookie.

Put the cookies on a cookie sheet and bake at 375 degrees for about 10 to 15 minutes or until the cookies look done.

The cookies are, probably, done when the edges look crispy and ever-so-slightly golden brown.

As you make more cookies, more often, you’ll get good at recognizing when they’re ready to come out the oven – if you aren’t already.

Carefully remove the cookies from the cookie sheet – it’s best to use a spatula or lifter – cool on a wire rack, and enjoy.