All you need is ribbon

by thebaking

I decided to donate a batch of cookies to be sold at a charity bake sale.

This is what the final product – baked, cooled, and decorated with curly ribbon – looked like:


I used pretty much the same salted peanut butter cookie recipe as the one I created a few posts ago.

This is what the cookies looked like fresh out of the oven, pre-ribbon:


The ribbon I used was from a spool of cheap curling ribbon – carefully run the edge of a scissor blade against a piece of ribbon to curl it – that I got at a dollar store.  I cut a bunch of pieces, tied a piece to each of the cookie sticks, and, then, curled the ribbon.

I liked that the ribbon made for a nice, holiday-ish touch, without being too busy and without a lot of decoration or sprinkles or other things that could have fallen off or made a mess while the cookies were being handled.

I also did a bit of decoration on the sticks themselves: