Baking with bananas: the freezer trick

by thebaking


This is a banana, frozen solid and just out of the freezer.

Mashing bananas – for, say, baking banana bread – isn’t very difficult, but it isn’t super-easy either.

An easy trick for making bananas easier to mash is to store them in the freezer.

Keep the bananas in the freezer until  you’re ready to use them. You can thaw the bananas in the fridge overnight or on the counter for a few hours. However you thaw the bananas, make sure to put a plate or tray under them: they may leak a little.

The skin on the thawed bananas will be dark brown and kind of slimy-looking, but the banana inside will be soft, juicy, and easy to mash.

The freezer trick also helps to preserve and use up bananas that are very ripe and would go bad if not eaten or baked with right away.