Peanut butter cups

by thebaking

When I saw Mei’s post on Bento break about peanut butter cheesecake cups, I knew I had to bake something similar.

I decided to make peanut butter cups with a layer of chocolate cookie on the bottom.


The results were delicious.

The cookie part was crispy on the edges and moist in the middle. The peanut butter part was thick, full of peanut chunks, and a little bit salty. And the chocolate part was, well, chocolate-like.

I started by lining a mini muffin pan with paper liners and pressing a layer of cookie dough about half a centimetre – or about one quarter of an inch – into each. The tray went into a preheated, to 375 degrees, oven for about 5 minutes – and then onto a wire rack to cool.


For the cookie dough, I used:

-2 tablespoons cocoa powder

-1/3 cup canola oil

-2 teaspoons liquid vanilla extract

-1 teaspoon salt

-1 teaspoon baking soda

-1 teaspoon baking powder

-1 cup flour – I used all-purpose wheat flour

Next, the peanut butter layer happened. The peanut butter layer was, basically, a thick, peanut butter-flavour, fondant.

I used:

-1 cup peanut butter – I used the chunky, peanuts-only, type, but you could use whatever peanut butter you’d like

-1 1/2 teaspoon salt

-2 1/2 cups icing sugar – use more or less icing sugar to make the fondant thicker or thinner to your taste

-1 tablespoon cornstarch

The ingredients were mixed together and, then, added to each muffin liner, on top of the cookie layer. Leave about one half a centimetre – or a quarter of an inch – of space at the top. Then, put the tray back into the 357-degree oven for about 5 minutes.

Remove the tray from the oven, put on a cooling rack and, right away, while the peanut butter layer is still hot, sprinkle chocolate chips on top of each cup.


Let the chocolate chips melt – melted chocolate chips will look like the chocolate chips in the photo above – and, then, spread the chocolate over the top of each cup with a butter knife.


Leave the cups to cool – and enjoy.

If you want the cups to cool faster, move them to the fridge.

I was pleased with how these cookie-bottom peanut butter cups turned out.

Someone who tasted these peanut butter cups said that thy tasted just like those orange-wrapper peanut butter cups available at the store. And everyone else who had one of the peanut butter cups seemed to like them too.

People seemed to like the peanut butter cups that I sprinkled with Celtic sea salt – which I did while the chocolate was still melted – quite a lot.

I plan on making these again.