Coffee and pretzels and cookies

by thebaking

ImageThese turned out, if I may say, spectacularly well.

I used my basic cookie formula. But I added cocoa, very finely ground coffee, chocolate chips, and chopped pecans. And I pressed and baked the dough into large sourdough pretzels.

This particular batch of cookies was made as part of a Christmas gift. And the cookies smelled fabulous while baking and while being cooled.

As for quantities and tips for baking these:

-I used about 3 tablespoons of very finely ground coffee. Yes, I put ground coffee straight into the cookie dough. Actually, I put the coffee into the dough along with the oil, sugar, and salt – and, then I let those ingredients sit for a while. As for obtaining very finely ground coffee, you can buy it already ground. Or you can use a grinder. Or you can – as I did – buy a small amount of bulk coffee beans at the store and set the in-store grinder to the finest grind setting. I currently have a small supply of very fine grind coffee – specifically for baking – set aside in my freezer.

-I used about 1 tablespoon of cocoa powder. I added this to the sugar-coffee-oil-salt mixture.

-I used about half a cup of chocolate chips. I added these after all of the basic cookie ingredients – along with the coffee – had been added and mixed.

-I used slightly more than half a cup of chopped pecans. I added these at the same time as the chocolate chips. I’ve done a bit of pecan research at supermarkets and bulk stores, and, from what I’ve seen, it seems that the cheapest way to get pecans is to buy a large bag of whole, unchopped, pecans at a discount grocery store and, then, chop them yourself.

-I bought the sourdough pretzels I used – they were about the size of a credit card – at a bulk food store. But you could use pretty much any kind of pretzels. Adjust the amount of dough you press over each pretzel before baking according to the size of the pretzels you are using.

You could also put pretzels on top of the cookies. Or perhaps add them directly to the dough. Or use another kind of nut in place of pecans.