That cupcake book wins again

by thebaking

Over the weekend, I took a break from creating my own recipes and pulled out the wonderful book of cupcakes.

This was the final product:


Those are hazelnut cupcakes with mocha-hazelnut mousse filling. The cupcakes were topped with chocolate ganache and toasted hazelnuts.

The mocha-hazelnut mousse filling was particularly tasty.

Here’s what the cupcakes looked like on the inside:


And a little closer:


I modified the recipe slightly for convenience and ingredient availability:

-The liquor store I went to to buy the hazelnut liquer that the recipe called for only had large bottles of said liquer. I didn’t want to buy a big bottle of liquer that I only needed a small amount of. I mixed together rum and ground hazelnuts and let the mixture sit for a while. It worked, though I think I’d try something like coffee liquer – say, perhaps that one that starts with a K and of which small bottles are easily found – instead.

-Instead of pre-prepared hazelnut meal or hazelnut flour – I couldn’t find such things at the bulk or regular grocery stores I went to – I ground hazelnuts to a fine powder in a regular coffee grinder.

-I ground whole flax seeds in a coffee grinder instead of buying pre-ground flax meal.

-Instead of the instant espresso powder that the recipe called for, I used double the amount regular instant coffee.

-I toasted the hazelnuts – which I bought pre-sliced in a little bag from a regular grocery store – in a cast-iron pan, on medium heat, dry and without oil.

The next morning, leftover mocha-hazelnut mousse filling made an excellent topping for homemade blueberry waffles.