Where does it all go?

by thebaking

So, I’ve been asked – in person – what, exactly, I do with all the stuff I bake.

I certainly don’t eat it all.

I bake so much that I usually only try a small piece of whatever I’m baking.

Sometimes – as was the case with a lot of the holiday baking I did recently – I actually don’t even try what I’m baking at all.

I find that baking is pretty easy to get rid of. There’s always someone willing to take it. Friends, co-workers, and, well, pretty much anyone I ask,  seems to, generally, have few issues with accepting baking.

Whomever gets the baking, gets the baking. And I get feedback on the baking, which I appreciate.

If I can’t get rid of something I’ve baked right away, I usually put it in the freezer – then give it away or share it as soon as I get a chance.

So, that’s where all the baking goes.