Cinnamon buns – with apple

by thebaking

I was on vacation.

And it was great.

Of course, while I was gone, I didn’t blog. Or bake. Or do anything other than just enjoy the vacation.

One of the places I went is a place where people really know baking stuff with apples.

So, perhaps that may have inspired me to make cinnamon buns with apple slices. Or perhaps not. Here they are anyway:


And a bit closer up:


I used pretty much the exact same procedure as I used in this post to make the cinnamon rolls – just-into-the-oven – pictured. What I added was one peeled, cored, and thinly sliced apple. I used a honeycrisp apple, but you could use pretty much any large-size apple that you like.

After stretching out the dough, spreading margarine, and adding the cinnamon and sugar mixture, I evenly spread pieces of apple on the dough and, then, rolled and sliced it.

I let the dough rise again for a short time, and then baked at 375 degrees for about 20 minutes – keeping an eye on the oven window to watch for the buns to turn golden brown

I, of course, taste-tested one of these lovely cinnamon buns with apple. It was fabulous. And my place smelled fabulous as they were baking. I happened to have a bit of vanilla icing left over from another baking project – and I spread a bit of that icing over the warm apple cinnamon bun that I ate. Wonderful. And recommended.

I most definitely plan to make these again. I’d like to use more than one apple, but I may just stick with one as I think two apples might make things a little bit messy and prevent the dough from sticking together.