Two measuring cups, not quite alike in usefulness, in the kitchen where I lay my scene

by thebaking

From long-term annoyance break to new purchases.

Where metric measurements inconvenience North American baker.

Forth from a grocery store near the border…

…the which if you with patient reading attend,

What here shall miss, this blog post shall strive to mend.

And cut.

Yes. I totally just Shakespeare referenced in a baking blog.

Anyway, I bought a new measuring cup.

The purchase was a result of a long-term, first world, problem that had been inconveniencing me quite a bit.

I now own two measuring cups. The new one is on the right:

Measuring cup 1

I bought the measuring cup on the right at a grocery store in the United States. I bought the measuring cup on the right in Canada – likely, if I recall correctly, at a certain store that allegedly also sells tires.

The two measuring cups are made by the same company and almost exactly the same size.

The difference? One measuring cup has US Imperial measurements showing on the side that you’d see while holding the cup with your right hand. One cup has metric measurements showing on the side that you’d see while holding the cup with your right hand.

I’m right-handed.

And, while I usually use my own recipes and improvise while baking, I sometimes need to measure stuff. And I sometimes use recipes.

Canada uses the metric system of measurement. My baking habits – along with all of the cookbooks I own and most of the recipes I use from other sources – very much do not use the metric system. It’s all Imperial. Or guess work.

What I found inconvenient about using my older measuring cup was that, if I held the handle in my right hand to look at a measurement, I would have to twist my wrist, put the cup down, or switch to my left hand to see the Imperial measurements. I did not approve.

This is the holding-the-cup-in-your-right-hand view of the Canada-bought, metric-on-the-side-I-want-Imperial-to-be-0n measuring cup:

measuring cup 2

And this is the holding-the-cup-in-your-right-hand view of the US-bought, Imperial-on-the-side-I-want-Imperial-to-be-on measuring cup:

measuring cup 3

Major improvement.

And it was a bonus that the US measuring cup cost just less than $5.00 USD before tax. It would have been a bit more in Canada.

I have seen Imperial-on-the-side-I-want-Imperial-to-be-on measuring cups at stores in Canada, but they seem to never be the size or the price I am looking for.

A little search engine-fu seems to indicate that some left-handed bakers in the US sometimes have measuring cup complaints similar to mine. But in reverse[?]

The new measuring cup got its first use while making peanut butter cupcakes last night.

Baking inconvenience: dealt with.

For there never was a story of more woe,

Than this of me and my measuring cup.