Lavender cookies

by thebaking


These are chocolate and lavender cookies.

That’s right, cookies with chocolate and lavender:

lavender cookies

The lavender I used was dried, organic lavender that I bought on a winery visit with some friends.

This is what the lavender looked like before going into the cookies:

organic lavender

To make the cookies, I used my basic cookie procedure with vanilla extract and water as the liquid ingredients. And I added about a tablespoon of cocoa powder.

I added the lavender after all of the other ingredients were mixed together. I prepared the lavender by breaking and pulling the purple flower pods of the lavender away from the stalks. I used about 1/4 of a cup of lavender flower pods.

I liked the way these cookies tasted. And I think the chocolate worked well with the lavender.

I took these cookies to a party at a friend’s house. Most people seemed to really like them. Some people weren’t fans.  A friend of a friend at the party asked me for the recipe and said that they were going to make the cookies. The next time I saw said friend of a friend, they told me that they had indeed made the cookies and that the cookies had been well-received.

If you’re at all curious about experimenting with baking with lavender, I recommend it.

Just make sure that you’re using lavender suitable for eating.