Chai tea cupcakes

by thebaking


chai tea cupcakes3

And cupcake:

chai tea cupcakes2

These cupcakes were another fabulous recipe from the cupcake cookbook.

I’ve had the cupcake book for years. And, as of late, I’ve been working through it with a fellow cupcake fan. The goal is to try all of the recipes.

I modified the recipe slightly and used vanilla-cardamon buttercream-style icing – like I icing I made for the pie-in-a-cake – instead of the suggested dusting of sugar and spice.

I also used some colourful new sprinkles – bright circles and pastel stars – that I picked up at a local bulk food store.

Here’s the icing being mixed with my old-school mixer:

Sir mix-a-lot

Baking usually smells good.

It’s kind of a thing.

But the chai tea cupcakes smelled especially good – all that tea and spice – while baking and cooling.

And they tasted delicious.

The cupcake book wins again.