Chocolate cake cones

by thebaking

Once again, cupcake cones, delicious chocolate cupcake cones with chocolate icing:

choc cupcake cones

These cupcake cones are actually from quite a while ago. Chocolate on chocolate is a delicious variation on cupcake cones that I thought worth sharing.

I used the exact same recipe for chocolate cake that I used for this cake and this cake. Then, I poured the batter into flat-bottom ice cream cones and baked the cones in the oven. More instructions here.

For the icing, I used pretty much the same icing recipe that I used in both of the linked cake recipes. I added about 1/4 of a cup of cocoa powder to the icing mix at the same time as the shortening and margarine. And I didn’t use any food colouring.

To ice the cupcake cones, I used a spoon to fill my icing gun with frosting. I used a large, star-shape, icing tip to put swirls of chocolate icing onto each cupcake cone.