Chocolate-chocolate chip cookies with cardamon

by thebaking

cardamon chocolate cookies

These are chocolate-chocolate chip cookies with cardamon.

I happened to have a small amount of cardamon spice available – I needed it for chai tea cupcakes  – so I decided to try making cookies with it.

The cookies worked – and were delicious.

I used my basic cookie dough recipe.

To make the batter chocolate-y, I added about two tablespoons of cocoa powder. I added about one teaspoon of cardamon spice at the same time as the cocoa.  Then,  after all other ingredients had been mixed, I added about 1/3 of a cup of large, semi-sweet chocolate chips.

What’s cardamon, you say?

Cardamon – or cardamom – is a spice, in the ginger family, that is native to south Asia. Cardamon is commonly used as a flavouring in food and drink. Ever found a small, pointy-on-one-end, light green pod in your Indian food? That was probably cardamon.

Cardamon is also sometimes used for medicinal purposes.

Wikipedia has an article on cardamon here.

I bought the cardamon I used at a bulk food store. I chose the bulk food store as I could buy a small quantity of cardamon. Instead of paying $10-plus for a jar of cardamon at the grocery store, I got a few teaspoons of cardamon for about 50 cents.