Cookies for the holidays

by thebaking

There was, I believe, a rather-a-big-deal holiday that happened in December.

So, I baked stuff.

Mostly, I baked cookies. For all of the cookies that I made,  I used my basic cookie formula as the base of the cookie dough and modified the ingredients as I saw fit.

The first cookies were chocolate chip with chopped hazelnuts. I used cold coffee as the liquid. And I added about half a cup of chopped hazelnuts and one third of cup of semi-sweet chocolate chips to the finished dough. Before baking the cookies, I pressed holiday-theme sugar decorations into the dough. The result? This:

christmas decoration chocolate chip cookies

Next up, salted double-chocolate cookies.  Again, I used the basic cookie formula with cold coffee as the liquid. I also added slightly more salt to the dough base than I usually would. And about three tablespoons of cocoa powder. Then, about half a cup of semi-sweet chocolate chips. The result? A tasty, salted, chocolate-chocolate chip goodness, with edible silver-colour decorations that I added before baking:

salted double chocolate cookies with decoration

And, for the finale, I took some dough set aside from both of the batches already pictured and – using the procedure I wrote about here – made cookie pops.

These are the chocolate chip and hazelnut cookies in cookie pop form:

christmas cookies on a stick

These – using a different kind of edible silver-colour decoration – are the salted double chocolate cookies in cookie pop form:

salted double chocolate cookies on a stick


And here’s a [gratuitous?] extra shot of a bunch of cookies and cookie pops cooling:

coo kies

All of the decorations that I used for these cookies were from a bulk food store.