A cake stadium for that football bowl event

by thebaking

On the Sunday that most recently happened, there was a major football event that happened.

This – a chocolate cake decorated with icing, candy, cookies, caramel corn, and pretzels to look like a football stadium – also happened:

snack stadium cake 2

That’s right: you are looking at a not-at-all-to-scale cake version of a football stadium. Some might also refer to such a thing as a snack stadium.

For the cake, I used the same chocolate cake recipe that I used here.

Same link for the icing, but halve the recipe and use green food pigment dye.

I used a small amount of white icing for the yard lines.  You can make a separate batch, set aside some un-dyed icing, or buy a small tube of prepared white icing.

I baked the cake in a rectangular baking pan – the same one that you can see in the picture above. That’s right: the cake was baked, transported, and decorated in one pan.

The goal posts were made from long, red, gummy candy and were held up and together by toothpicks. I pushed the toothpicks right into the centre of the gummy candy, which took some effort – and a bit of trial and error. You might want to experiment with using licorice, breadsticks, preztels, or, perhaps, something non-edible such as pipe-cleaners as goal posts.

All of the candy, pretzels, caramel corn, teddy bear cookies, and other decorations came from a bulk food store.

A cake version of a football stadium can be a fun treat to bring to a football-watching party. You can even – as I did – bring the cake to the party iced, but not decorated, set out the decorations, and let other people at the party help decorate the cake.

Here’s one last close-up of the teddy bear cookie players on their football cake field – with bags of decorations in the background:

snack stadium cake 1

You can also make a snack stadium from guacamole, salsa, chips, and other crunchy snacks. Try looking up “snack stadium.” There are some rather fascinating snack stadiums to be seen. But I thought it’d be fun to make a baked, cake version.

Fun it was. And delicious to boot