Spring[form pan]

by thebaking

Insert wordplay about spring – or lack thereof, apparently, this year – here.

I recently bought a springform baking pan.

I’d wanted a springform pan for a while, but, as my kitchen storage space is not anywhere near ample, I had resisted buying such an item.

One day, however, while browsing a kitchen store with thoughts of various cakes in my head, I happened upon a plain, just-right-size, and reasonably priced springform pan.

And here it is:


The cool thing – and main feature/thing it does – about a springform pan is that it the sides of the pan separate from the bottom.

Just unbuckle:


And the pan separates into its two pieces:

Springform pans can be, and generally are, used to make cheesecakes, ice cream cakes, and European-style cake/pie creations.

So far, I’ve used this pan for two cheesecake-style creations and one modified version of the aforementioned European-style cake/pie creations. For the cake/pie creation that I made, I used a modified version of this recipe.

Now, for a bit of a Captain Obvious point: most recipes that call for a springform pan will likely specify when to separate the two pieces of the pan.

Usually, the time to separate the parts of the pan is whenever whatever is in it is done baking, cooling, setting, freezing, or whatnot. It’s probably a good idea to wait until you’re sure whatever you’re making is fully ready and/or cooled before attempting to separate the parts of the pan. Running a thin wooden or silicone kitchen tool or spatula between the sides of the pan and its contents before separating the pieces of the pan may help prevent pieces of the sides of the contents of the pan from sticking to the sides of the pan.

On a very-much-related note, it’s probably also a good idea to make sure that the two pieces of the pan are properly and completely buckled together and closed before putting anything into the pan. And, as leaks are possible, you may want to put your springform pan on top of a cookie sheet or shallow pan if you’re using it in the oven.