Cake, cones, whiskey

by thebaking


These are chocolate cake cupcake cones, with whiskey-vanilla icing.

I’m actually not big on using alcohol as a baking ingredient – I find that you can’t always taste it in the finished product – but I decided to try whiskey icing anyway. I like to experiment with baking.

The icing tasted good, but I couldn’t always taste the whiskey. Other people who tried the cupcakes said that they could taste the whiskey. So, that’s that.

Anyway, to add a little colour to the finished product, I decided to use coloured ice cream cones to bake these cupcakes in. Most grocery stores sell flat-bottom ice cream cones in packs that have a mixture of plain/yellow-ish, pink, and brown – chocolate? – cones.

The pink cones looked like this:


And the brown cones looked like this:


Now for the how-to:

I used the chocolate cake recipe that I used here. I used a modified version of the icing recipe that I used for the same project. The modifications to the icing recipe were that I didn’t use food colouring and that I used whiskey as the non-vanilla liquid ingredient.

For getting the cake into the cones and baking them, I suggest following the procedure I wrote about here.

And here’s one more close-up of the very much finished and very much delicious cupcake cones: