Peanut butter-filled chocolate cookies

I made these chocolate cookies with salted peanut butter filling as an experiment.

They were delicious – and also rather large, so I only ended up eating one of them.

Here’s an outside view:


On the inside, the cookies looked like this:


I put two bits of peanut butter filling – which was basically just regular chunky peanut-only peanut butter with a bit of salt and icing sugar added – into each cookie.

For each cookie, I took a large piece of the outside dough, flattened it, and then gently shaped it around the pieces of the peanut butter mixture.

The outside, chocolate, dough was the good old basic cookie procedure – but with a bit of cocoa powder and extra liquid added. The extra liquid made for a dough that baked to a softer, somewhat cake-like, final product.

I also baked some of the cookies with bits of the peanut butter mixture on the outside as well as the inside. The peanut butter mixture was rather crumbly, so it was easy to roll the cookies in a bit of the mixture before baking.  The peanut-butter-on-the-outside cookies looked like this: